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Plasmon: Trusted by Italian families for 80 years, providing the best ingredients and care for children's growth, with baby food in jars since 1961.
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Plasmon Biscotto dei Bambini 720g Baby Food Milk Biscuits Italian Biscotti 6M+
Plasmon Biscottino Biberon Senza Glutine 200g Gluten Free Baby Biscuits 4M+
Plasmon Primi Mesi Biscottino Biberon 600g Baby Biscuits 4M+
Plasmon La Pastina Stelline 300g
Plasmon Crema di Cereali - Four Grain Cereal Porridge 200g
Plasmon Crema di Cereali Riso 230g  Creamy Rice Porridge, GF
Plasmon Biscotto dei Bambini / Children Biscuits 320g
Plasmon Baby Food Tacchino / Turkey Puree 80g x 2
Plasmon Baby Food Prosciutto Cotto / Ham Puree 80g x 2
Plasmon Baby Food Manzo Beef Puree x 2
Plasmon Crema di Cereali Riso 200g  Creamy Rice Porridge, GF