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Sweet Snacks & Chocolates


Colussi Oswego 500g
Falcone Cantucci - Cranberry / Mirtilli Rossi Cantuccini Biscotti 180g
Falcone Cantucci - Dark Chocolate / Cioccolato Fondente Cantuccini Biscotti 200g
Falcone Cantucci - Pistacchi E Cedro / Pistachio & Citron Cantuccini Biscotti 180g
Falcone Cantucci, Mandorle / Almond Cantuccini Biscotti 200g
Falcone Soft Amaretti Classic Mandorle /Almond 170g
Kinder Brioss Sponge Cake with Milk Cream / Pan di Spagna al Latte 270g
Kinder Cards T2 Wafer Biscuit with a Creamy Chocolate and Cream Filling
Kinder Colazione Piu 290g
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Kinder Pan e Cioc Milk and Chocolate Sponge Cake 290g
Mulino Bianco Abbracci Biscuits 350g
Mulino Bianco Armonie Fette Biscottate Dorate, Golden Rusks 315g
Mulino Bianco Biscotti Baiocchi Pistacchio 168g
Mulino Bianco Fette Biscottate Integrali, Wholewheat Rusks Crispbread 315g
Mulino Bianco Galletti Shortbread Biscuits 350g
Mulino Bianco Macine 350g
Mulino Bianco Biscotti Tarallucci 350g4
Novi Dark Chocolate Bar with Whole Hazelnuts / Cioccolato Fondente e Nocciole 230g
Sawia Oro Classic 250g
Pavesi Gocciole Chocolate 500g Biscotti Chocolate Biscuits Cookies
Perugina Baci Classico, Original Dark, Tube of 3 Baci - 37.5g
Perugina Baci Latte, Milk Chocolates with Hazelnuts Tube of 3
Perugina Rossana Almond & Hazelnut Italian Boiled Sweets Soft Creamy Center 175g
Perugina Rossana Pistacchio/Pistachio 135g bag
Sapori 1832 Amaretti Soft Almond Pastry Biscotti 175g
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Sapori Cantuccini Almond / Mandorle Cantucci Biscotti Tuscany IGP 250g
Sperlari Galatine Chocolate Milk Tablet Sweets 115g Powdered Milk Italian Candy
Sperlari Galatine Latte / Milk Tablet Sweets 125g Powdered Milk Italian Candies
Sperlari Gran Gelées Frutti del Sole, Summer Fruits Italian Jelly Sweet 175g
Sperlari Lavazza Hard Boiled Sweets, Creamy Coffee Filling 175g Italian Candy
Vicenzi Grisbi Hazelnut Cream Biscuits Nocciola Biscotti 150g
Vicenzi Grisbi Lemon Cream Filled Biscuits 150g
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